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Terms & Conditions

  • Terms and Conditions Order Certification Form

    The Order Certification Form (in a PDF form) can be found by clicking this link. The form must be completely filled out and returned to RS&D before ammunition is shipped (see Ordering Information).

    Order Certification Form


       Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before ordering from this website. Your order is confirmation that you have read and accept the terms and conditions listed

       RS & D makes reasonable efforts to keep all the information in AmmoHouston's website accurate, correct, and up to date. We make no guarantee or assertion that all information is correct and accurate, and RS & D is in no way liable or responsible for any inaccuracies or errors which may occur.

       Prices are subject to change without notice due to availability, supplier price changes, or other reasons not listed. If a product is listed incorrectly due but not limited to typographic, photographic, or description errors, RS & D has the right to refuse or cancel the order due to the inaccurate listing.

       Photos of products in AmmoHouston's website may not necessarily show products in current packaging, which is supplied at the discretion of the manufacturer. Product ordered to a cartridge description will be supplied to that description (the above statements RE listing accuracy applying), without regard to packaging. We have the right to substitute more packages of a lesser quantity at our discretion to supply an ordered quantity of product, if available in smaller packages.

       RS & D makes no attempt to determine if the product purchased from this website is appropriate for the buyers' firearm. It is solely the buyers' responsibility to order the correct cartridges for their use. Using improperly sized cartridges can cause damage, injury, or even death to shooters and/or bystanders when fired, so make sure you are ordering the correct ammunition for the firearm you will be shooting. RS&D is not responsible for any liability for issues which occur due to improper ammunition selection. Note that all ammunition sold is represented by the manufacturers to be loaded to within SAAMI standards, and should be shot in firearms designed for use with modern ammunition.

       RS & D through its website sells ammunition. The following provisions apply to customers purchasing ammunition from this website:

       Customers purchasing ammunition certify that;

    • They are 21 years of age or older.
    • They are not prohibited from legally purchasing or possessing any of the products being purchased from RS & D /
    • They understand that due to the nature of the product being purchased, that ammunition is non-returnable.
    • They understand that handling and/or discharging ammunition and handling/discharging/cleaning firearms may lead to exposure to lead, and that they hold RS & D harmless and assume full responsibility for said exposure.
    • That it is legal for them to purchase and receive the goods being ordered into the address provided to ship to.

       A certification and information form with the above information will need to be on file before ammunition will be shipped, see appropriate section of website.

    Ordering and Shipping Information

    When you place an order from us to have it shipped to you, you are certifying that you have read and understand the following information pertaining to shipping of ammunition:

        Orders will be processed and shipped as quickly as possible, usually within a day or two of order receipt.

    • We must have on file a copy of your drivers license and a purchase certification form. We only need these sent to us once, from that point on they will be on file and this won't delay shipments, UNLESS information we have received from you changes from the original submission.
    • If by chance we do not have the items you have ordered, we will contact you via email or phone to let you know and to determine if we have an acceptable substitute we can send you instead.

        All normal ammunition shipments will be made using UPS Ground, with ADULT SIGNATURE required at delivery.

    • Shipping cost is calculated by UPS based on total package weight and ship-to address. Once you have finished shopping, your shopping cart will allow quoting the cost of shipping to you. The calculated cost on the web store is usually correct, however, if the actual shipping price is different, that actual shipping price is what will be charged to your charge card.
    • All shipments will have a $4.00 handling fee added to cover the cost UPS charges us for adult signature service.
    • Shipments are made to continental US addresses only, no shipments to addresses with legal restrictions on ownership or possession of ammunition, to wit: Alaska or Hawaii, or other addresses that prohibit shipments of ammunition: Massachusetts, New York City, Cook County Illinois, and Washington, DC. In addition, we do not ship to USPS PO boxes, or to APO/FPO addresses. Other addresses not listed which have restrictions also will not be shipped to, we do check this before shipping, so please don't order if you can't legally have ammunition shipped in to you.
    •    If shipments are not able to be delivered to the address you supply, the buyer will be charged the original shipping cost to get the product to the ship-to address, plus return freight, plus a 15% restock fee. Make sure you give us the correct ship-to address when you place your order!!!! AND……. Make sure it is an address where a responsible adult can sign for the package. Minors CANNOT receive ammunition shipments.

         Cancelled orders: If you cancel the order after it's placed but before it has been shipped, you will be charged a 15% restocking fee to cover administrative costs. If the order has shipped, you will be charged the shipping charge to the location, plus any return shipping charges back to our warehouse, plus the restock fee. Make sure you order the right caliber and load!!!

          Texas residents will have 7.25% tax added to their bill.

          SHIPPING INSURANCE. UPS only covers shipment loss or damage to the amount of $ 100. Because of this, we insure all packages over that value to the amount of the purchase. The cost of this insurance is currently $ . 65 / $100 of value. This insurance will be part of the total cost of shipping to you and is added to the actual freight charge.


         If you receive a package that is visibly damaged when the UPS driver drops it off, make sure he notes that the package is damaged, then contact us and let us know the situation via phone (713 / 705-4089) or email to

      • It is a good idea to take a digital photo or photos of the package if you can, then email them to us to help in the claim process.
      • Make sure you keep the damaged packaging, UPS may call for it. If you do not have it, any claims will be denied.
      • We will work with UPS to get the situation resolved as quickly as possible.
      •    If you find yourself in a situation where ammunition is needed faster than it can be delivered via UPS Ground, we can ship expedited UPS Blue or Red. You will have to call us to make arrangements for this. Note that though this service is available, it is VERY expensive.


        RS & D Enterprises / is a privately owned distributor of products and is not owned in any manner by manufacturers whose products we sell. We are not the manufacturer of the ammunition, so we make no warranty expressed or implied about function, appearance, defects, or other issues with the products we sell. Claims are between the end buyer and manufacturer of the ammunition. RS&D's sole responsibility is to make sure you receive the products you order and pay for, correct and in a timely manner.

        If issues arise, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer of the ammunition you have purchased from us. You will need to let them know the details of the product you are complaining about, including caliber, packaging (what size box is it in), lot number, and the nature of the complaint. The manufacturers we represent are honorable companies that have been in business for decades, they will not shirk away from quality issues if they are legitimate.

        All that being said, if there is an issue with any of the ammunition we sell, please contact us and let us know the nature of the complaint you have. We may be able to resolve the issue without getting the manufacturer involved, or we can certainly help with the contacts of who to call at the manufacturer to discuss and resolve the issue. This is a value-added function we perform for our customers.

        Remember, it is the sole responsibility of the buyer to make sure the ammunition they purchase is correct for the firearm it is to be used in. Ammunition selection is not in the scope of any manufacturer's warranty, rather they warrant that the ammunition they manufacture will function and perform as designed within the industry standard parameters for the given calibers they make.

        If a situation arises where resolution involves replacement or exchange of products by RS&D on behalf of a manufacturer, such resolution will be with replacement products we distribute, cash refunds will not be made, nor credit issued to the credit card used to make the original purchase. Shipping costs are not covered.