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Greetings. Thank you for visiting our web site. is the web site of RS&D Enterprises. We are the Texas distributor of HSM ammunition, as well as a retailer of other brands of ammunition which compliment our HSM line. We effectively are a manufacturer's 'outlet' store for HSM, just like you are used to in shopping malls for other retail products.

 First off, know that the parties to this site ARE shooters. We are currently or have been involved in hunting (big game, varmint, bird), target shooting, and competition: IPSC, IDPA, Cowboy Action, long range rifle, trap & skeet, and 3 gun. We shoot the products we sell, and we get on-going feedback from other competitors we shoot with, as well as from local law enforcement agencies and ranges we supply.

 Why have we chosen to focus on a limited number of manufacturer's products, versus carrying every brand made? Two words cover this: QUALITY and SELECTION.

 HSM has been manufacturing ammunition for almost 50 years. Although HSM has not had a large commercial presence in the South, they have carved a niche with long range marksmen and law enforcement, both markets where they are well-known. In addition, in the major hunting regions of the Northwest and Rockies, HSM's hunting line has proven to have the best game and varmint ammunition produced by anyone, anywhere (with plenty of documentation on this in the TV series 'Best of the West'!!!).

 HSM's product line is extensive, with over 500 different developed loads being offered, more than ANY other private manufacturer of ammunition has available!! Components from all the major manufacturers are used to assemble HSM ammunition, including : Winchester, Remington, CCI, Speer, Sierra, Berger, Hodgdon, Starline, Lapua, Hornady, Nosler, Barnes, Calhoon, Ramshot, Hirtenberger. Extensive research and testing are done on loads before they are released for sale, with thousands of rounds typically being fired to confirm accuracy, low standard deviations, and component compatibility. This unbending standard of quality results in ammunition so accurate that competitors, law enforcement snipers, and government & military special ops teams use and ask for HSM ammunition over other well known brands.

 Both rifle and pistol ammunition are manufactured by HSM.

 In addition to new ammunition, HSM offers some calibers in remanufactured ammunition to help keep costs lower for shooters. See our FAQ section for additional information about reman ammunition, but in a nutshell, the reman ammo is run with the same components as new ammunition, on the same manufacturing machinery as new ammo, but with once-fired brass. Same clean-burning performance as the new ammo, but often substantially less expensive than new ammo!! The remanufactured ammo is what is typically sold to law enforcement agencies for training; in a typical year, HSM has delivered up to 40 million rounds of this reman ammo!!

 In addition to HSM ammunition, we carry Fiocchi USA ammunition for rifle, pistol, and shotgun. Fiocchi ammo is made in Missouri, USA, and has some of the best shotgun ammunition in the world.

 Note that since we carry only the two main brands of ammo, we have very good contacts and relationships with the manufacturers – if you have any concerns or issues, we'll work to get them handled as quickly as possible. Please let us know any feedback on the products we sell too, that helps us do a better job for you, the customer.

 As you browse though our website you will see that we are stocking most of the commonly asked-for calibers used in the Texas market. Stock fluctuates with availability of ammunition from the factory, mainly driven by availability of components to load the different calibers. If you would like a caliber or particular bullet load not shown, please email us and we'll get you a price and availability of it.

 Thank you for your patronage of our site. We'll strive to do our best to give you excellent customer service and good products.